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Educational Funding


Education is a constitutional right in Connecticut. I want our children’s’ educational rights to stop being infringed upon. Upholding educational rights is more than just funding education this year and next year; it is about funding education for the long-term future. A serious fix is needed to the current way we fund education in our communities.


We need to:


  • Be smarter about how we can ensure a quality education to all students.

  • Ensure that special education adequately protects the most vulnerable students.

  • Give parents access to affordable pre-k.

Public Safety

  • In the past six years there have been 1,862 mass shootings, killing 2,085 people.

  • In the past year 23,000 people have died from firearm-assisted suicide.


Too many people are dying from firearms. We need to impose more responsible gun laws to protect the people of Connecticut and end this tide of terror. I support all legislation that protects people from firearms.



Women's Health


Women’s health is of utmost importance to me. Access to affordable, safe healthcare for women is paramount. I will work to ensure that women have full access to reproductive healthcare and maintain their right to choose without restriction.


Beyond women’s physical health, there is also still a wage gap for working women. I will champion measures to ensure workplace equity among all people.



Paid Family Medical Leave


Connecticut needs a strong Paid Family Medical Leave law. People literally cannot afford to be sick. Where our state was once a leader in protected leave status for workers, we are now far behind other states in our region. Paid leave is beneficial for both employees and employers. People should not have to choose between their own health, the health of their family, and their financial health. We need to support the people of Connecticut.



Small Business Development


Connecticut is 97% small business, and 49% of all people employed in the state work for a small business. Rather than corporate welfare we need to make improvements and investments to our small business system such as:


  • Fostering growth and expansion to the people of Connecticut who employ their neighbors and benefit their communities.

  • Streamlining procedural processes to make owning a business easier.

  • Encourage business owners to employ more full time people.


Fiscal Responsibility


There is no denying the fiscal climate of the state is a burden on everyone. We pay a lot in taxes and people feel like they do not get back what they put in.


To help solve for this, we need to:


  • Maintain and maximize services to people, while balancing the budget.

  • Examine how we can offer more efficient services from the revenue being generated now.

  • Increase efficiency and transparency in the state government to see how our money is being spent.




An inhibitor to economic growth in the state is the lack of infrastructure. We can all attest to the awful shape of our infrastructure. Not just roads; our rails, electrical grid, competitive internet capabilities, and our ports all need dire attention.


We need to:


  • Invest in the state’s infrastructure to spur economic growth. Business and industry develop around points of infrastructure.

  • Improve our ability to get people to their jobs, for businesses to move their goods, and pave a way into the future.


I will look for all realistic, viable ways to invest in infrastructure. However, I will favor solutions with the least impact on Connecticut residents, while adequately addressing their needs.



I believe in supporting all measures that would protect Connecticut from pollution. Water and air degradation from pollution cause us to spend more on healthcare. Carbon contribution to global climate change threatens our shoreline with the severity of storms hitting Connecticut. We need to protect our residents, protect our resources, and protect our state.


I also support transitioning to green technologies and alternative fuels to help preserve the environment and create jobs. Environmentalism is an avenue for economic growth in the state of Connecticut.