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"This is just the beginning, snippets of conversation I’ve had with friends, neighbors, and colleagues throughout town. Education. Tax Reform. Beautiful Newtown. Infrastructure. Small Business. Let me know what matters to you, and I’ll get to work for you." ~Rebekah
Rebekah's Stance on Political Issues Affecting Newtown
Tax Reform and Renovation
  • Senior tax reform: sliding scale adjustments and allocations for different ages and stages of life. 

  • Significant senior tax relief to allow Newtown (and CT) seniors to age in place.

  • Phase out taxes on social security and pensions so CT seniors can keep more of the money they earned.

  • Property tax reform: taxes higher than a vehicle or property’s value is unjust. It’s time to negotiate a better solution.

  • Incentives to recruit new hires and recent college grads to keep talent in Connecticut.

  • Small business tax reform: the backbone to all local and state economy, small business equates to 99% of Connecticut business, and employs 49% of the workforce (2019 U.S. Small Business Administration/Office of Advocacy). If we lessen the taxes/cost of doing business, there’s more money to build stronger businesses. We can accomplish this in Newtown.

Economic Development
  • Smart, selective economic development to preserve the character of Newtown while reducing the tax burden on residents.

  • Open spaces, country roads, fields, forests, babbling brooks. Preserving a healthy environment to maintain the rural character of Newtown, and keep it economically and ecologically viable for future generations.

  • Smart business incentives to make Newtown a qualified destination for prospective businesses and future investment. 

  • Preserving the tradition and character of Newtown, while simultaneously providing creative incentives to bring new revenue sources that make sense for Newtown.

Gun Violence Prevention

Continue to keep communities and families safe by supporting and securing CT's smart, strong gun violence prevention legislation.

Education/Special Education
  • Revamp and secure funding to alleviate the tax burden on property owners. 

  • Provide accessibility of services so all children, regardless of income, can and will learn and thrive to the very best of their ability. 

  • Support families navigating special education options and opportunities. 

  • Assist educators and administration to provide the best learning environment and tools for academic success.

Funding Statewide Initiatives
  • Develop equitable approach to fund statewide initiatives. 

  • Focus on infrastructure and repair of town with careful consideration of state responsibility and obligation to residents. 

  • Propose and create alternatives to ease financial burden on Newtown taxpayers.

  • Identify and leverage national issues to build Connecticut economy: trickle down development so Newtown (and Connecticut) benefit from federal initiatives. 

  • Guided by Newtown voices and leadership, use all available resources to benefit Newtown. Ground-up initiative with top-down resources.

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